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Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned From Camp

The campfires, silly songs and carefree days aren’t gone.  What if you could be transported back to the greatest place in the world?  Yes-- Summer Camp. With more than 20 years in the camp business, Mark translates powerful life lessons and leadership strategies into real-world techniques you can put into play at work right now. This session will give you an insightful game plan to foster strong leaders and productive team players, all while gaining a deeper understanding of yourself in the process.  Using an emotional- intelligence (EI)-based approach, Mark’s approach to leadership focuses on self-awareness, positivity, accountability and trust. Bring your own stories and observations of leadership when you were growing up to this session.  You’ll leave having laughed, learned and even more ready to lead.

Mark will work with your team to help:

• Create a new approach to leadership that puts self-awareness, positivity, accountability, and trust at the forefront. • Develop new ways to address conflict. Employees will learn to take down barriers to make real interpersonal connections. • Gain a deeper understanding of the practice of customer service and how it can impact your business. • A decrease in stress and improved work/life balance for your team. • Uncover the specific “fear factors” that often cause employees to avoid difficult conversations with customers and colleagues. • Build on the mission and core values of your company.

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A Pitch-By-Pitch Guide To Elevating Your Leadership

Mark Greenburg borrows a page from our national pastime to create a new approach to leadership that puts self-awareness, positivity, accountability, and trust at the forefront. Using baseball statistics as a framework, Elevated Leadership translates the values of the game into a winning strategy for improving your leadership. Mark’s proven framework for thinking about leadership utilizes life lessons and examples from baseball that place skill development into a wider context, allowing you to internalize skills and goals that will take you to a higher elevation of inspiring others. If you’re ready to build a championship team, this session is for you.

Image by Jeremy Perkins

 Empowerment: Turn Down The Noise and Ignite Your Team

One of the biggest challenges we all face in the workplace is how to prioritize effectively. To help us better understand what deserves our attention, sometimes we need to let go of whatever is getting in the way. We can all expect to encounter some stress and distractions in our work life, but there are proactive steps we can take to minimize their effect on our work. In this interactive session, you will learn new ways to address conflict, equip yourself with easy-to-implement management tools, and spend more time focused on what you love about leading.

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