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Elevated Leadership: A Pitch-By-Pitch Guide To Business, Life, and Baseball


In Elevated Leadership, Mark Greenburg borrows a page from our national pastime to create a new approach to leadership that puts self-awareness, positivity, accountability, and trust at the forefront. Using baseball statistics as a framework, Elevated Leadership translates the values of the game into a winning strategy for improving your leadership and that of your team members. Mark’s proven framework for thinking about leadership emphasizes warmth, communication, and authenticity. For readers of Simon Sinek and Daniel Goleman, this is a practicable approach to emotional intelligence. The tools are presented in a memorable and relatable package that can be shared with those around you. Each of the strategic mindsets will help you take advantage of opportunities for growth and productivity. Mark’s approach utilizes life lessons and examples from baseball that place skill development into a wider context, allowing you to internalize skills and goals that will take you to a higher elevation of inspiring others.

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