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About Mark

I am the owner and founder of Elevated Leadership., and I deliver TRAINING, COACHING, and STRATEGIC PLANNING to teams and people looking for a unique perspective on leadership development, engagement, and motivation. With more than 20 years of experience working at an elite private day school and as the owner of the #1 summer day camp in Chicago, I have dedicated my work helping people remove obstacles that once seemed impossible.

What I’ve learned in over two decades is that true leaders always work to improve their own skills and support the development of the people around them. My favorite client engagements are ones where a team is looking to increase self-awareness, positivity, accountability, and trust.

Oh, and did I mention I look for any excuse I can find to talk about baseball?  I’m the author of Elevated Leadership: A Pitch-by-Pitch Guide to Business, Life and Baseball (2019).

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